South Carolina EdTech List of Exhibitors

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Booths: 402
Skills intelligence platform to strengthen EdTech skills and personalize professional learning for every teacher, at scale. Gold winner at 2016 Re-Imagine Education.

A3 Communications, Inc.
Booths: 331 & 430
Keeping students and staff safe and connected through complete system integration.

ANCGroup Inc
Booths: 200 & 202
ANC Group is a provider of IT Equipment and Services – Specializing in Wireless, Security, Disaster Recovery, Switching and Servers. Since 1999 ANC Group has been there when you need us.

Applied Data Technologies
Booths: 431 & 530
HP is an authorized hp reseller specializing in educational solutions in North and South Carolina. Value added services include deployment, storage, new school openings, imaging, student/staff purchasing, etching and asset tagging. Minority vendor.

Booths: 419
Cloud based services, Security, Data networking, LTE Mobility.

Belkin International Inc.
Booths: 508
We create products that help people realize the power of technology and make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. This has been Belkin’s mission since our inception in 1983.

Bound To Stay Bound Books
Booths: 601
We provide prebound juvenile library books with full processing and automation support available.

Booths: 302
BrainPOP creates cross-curricular digital content for students and teachers. Our resources include BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP (in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin), and BrainPOP ELL.

Bridgetek Solutions, LLC
Booths: 408 & 410
Here at BridgeTek, we strive to maintain your network and technology with our multitude of services. We pride ourselves with providing innovative, cost effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Bridgeway Solutions
Booth: 311
Serving the Southeast, Bridgeway Solutions is the exclusive reseller for ScholarChip – Tools for Smarter Schools – and ARMET Group hardware and software solutions including Zebra ZXP series card printers and CardExchange.

Bright White Paper Co
Booths: 201
Create, display and laminate On Demand. Male teacher’s aids & school signage, the Education Pro Color Printer from Epson, reusable display boards and Cold Laminators.

Bump Armor
Booths: 515
Bump Armor offers the ultimate protection for iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets for the classroom. Our case solutions provide the best protection from a world full of dangers, including the rigors of the classroom.

Booths: 303
ByteSpeed is a top IT solutions company for Education nationwide. We custom-build servers and PCs, backed by industry leading warranties and free lifetime tech support.

Camcor, Inc.
Booths: 301 & 400
Camcor provides instructional technology and audio visual solutions.

Booths: 406
ClassLink enables single sign-on access to web, Windows, and Google applications, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud.

Clear Touch Interactive
Booths: 401
Clear Touch Interactive provides interactive technology solutions that helps educational institutions to Interact Differently.

CNIC, Inc.
Booths: 306 & 308
CNIC presents the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository & IPTV.Learn how the SAFARI Montage solution provides a place for educators & students to create, store, and present digital learning resources.

Converged Networks, LLC
Booths: 523
Controller-free WIFI, Hosted VoIP, Network Security, Ethernet Switching, Routers, Learning Management Systems, Mobile Device Management, Internet Content Filtering, Cabling, Managed WIFI and Consulting.

CPR Cell Phone Repair
Booths: 518
The only ISO 9001:2015 certified quality repair organization for mobile repair in South Carolina. Serving you in 19 convenient locations repairing iPads, Chromebooks, computers, and more.

Epic Communications
Booths: 510
Epic Communications is a Full-Service E-Rate Consulting Company that is dedicated exclusively to E-Rate support and services with satisfied customers throughout the US. Visit the Epic booth and find out how we can Make E-Rate E-Z for you!

Extron Electronics
Booths: 214
Extron is a leading manufacturer of classroom AV solutions, including PoleVault® classroom systems, VoiceLift® microphone systems, and GlobalViewer® AV resource management and campus communication software.

FileWave Endpoint Management
Booths: 407 & 506
For over 20 years, FileWave has developed the most complete Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, & Android Management Software in the Market. Image, Deploy, Inventory, Track, Update, Maintain, and More within a single interface.

Front Row Education
Booths: 317
Front Row Education provides teachers with time saving tools, versatile assessments, and instant data reports to drive instruction and individualize instruction for each student in their class.

HearBuilder by Super Duper Publications
Booths: 206
HearBuilder is a research and evidence based systematic learning software program for that provides individualized instruction in following directions with basic concepts, phonological awareness, sequencing, and auditory memory.

Ident-A-Kid Services
Booths: 330


Ident-A-Kid’s School Security system is an-award-winning, state-of-the-art system that will track all visitor, volunteer, staff and student activity at your school and district.

Kensington Technology Group
Booths: 307 & 309
Mobility device accessories – rugged cases, charging cabinets, wireless screencast and presentation, Sit/Stand ergonomics, USB docking stations, headphones.

Booths: 310
Kimono’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) makes complex integrations simple by securely exchanging data between your SIS and other applications using a growing number of industry-standard data models, infrastructures, and APIs.

Learning A-Z
Booths: 507
Learning A-Z® is a literacy-focused PreK–6 education technology provider. Our products blend traditional teacher-led instruction with technology-enabled resources to make teaching more effective and efficient.

Lightspeed Technologies Inc.
Booths: 418
Lightspeed creates access to learning via Access technology…a classroom audio system for whole group instruction plus two way audio to each small group.

Booths: 514
Mackin provides library and classroom materials for grades PK-12 including print, eBooks, makerspace materials, audiobooks, videos, MackinVIA (a FREE digital resource management system), and more.

Media Flex – OPALS
Booths: 517
OPALS Open-source Automated Library System manages eBooks, digital resources, single login database authentication, print resources, and equipment management. The system is web-based and well supported by highly acclaimed technicians.

Meridian IT
Booths: 123
Meridian IT offers innovative solutions, deployment options, managed services, ongoing maintenance, and support. Clients leverage our broad portfolio, global capabilities, and industry insights to meet business initiatives and growth targets.

Booths: 415
NWN helps customers solve business problems with IT solutions. Our practical solutions – from data center optimization to cloud computing – are based upon your specific needs and environment, tailored to meet your business and financial objectives.

Presentation Systems South Inc.
Booths: 107 & 109
Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System, Learn OnDemand Graphics Systems, CoolLam Laminator.

Booths: 501 & 503
Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement.

Booths: 409 & 411
Ruckus Wireless is a global supplier of Smart Wi-Fi products – advanced wireless systems for the mobile Internet infrastructure market, including carriers, service providers, and enterprises.

SC Assistive Technology Program
Booths: 417
The South Carolina Assistive Technology Program (SCATP) uses technology devices and services to help people with disabilities live, work and learn more independently.

Booths: 531 & 630
ETV offers workshops to South Carolina schools (public, private, homeschools, colleges and universities): online resources for PreK-12; webtools for teaching, assessing and creativity; 1:1 classroom ideas; and online recertification/graduate courses.

School Check IN
Booths: 300
America’s Favorite, Fastest and Easiest way to Check IN/OUT students, faculty & staff, volunteers, visitors, parent/guardians at your school. Always know who is on your campus. OffenderCHECK scans each visitor’s license and do an instant check

Booths: 414
Schoology is putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use LMS that connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education. Millions of people from over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities worldwide use Schoology. Visit us at

Booths: 209
Shmoop is a digital publishing company whose goal is to take friction out of learning with engaging test prep, online courses, and remediation tools.

South Carolina State Library
Booth: 509
Discus – South Carolina’s Virtual Library is the ‘information place’ for all South Carolinians. Discus, which stands for Digital Information for South Carolina Users, provides free access to an electronic library that’s available 24/7.

Spirit Communications
Booths: 600
Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, Spirit Communications is a leading provider of voice, data and Internet services to Enterprise, Carrier and Government customers.

Trinity3 Technology
Booths: 314
Trinity3 Technology is your premium source for personal systems, enterprise products & services to the education marketplace. We provide new and recertified brand name desktop, mobile, servers, and networking hardware; with Trinity3, it’s personal

VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools
Booths: 316 & 318
VariQuest provides educational tools that promote student achievement, engagement and acquisition of life skills. Quickly and easily create customized instructional materials such as 3D prints, posters, banners, displays, manipulatives and awards.

Booths: 101 & 103
Implementing technology-rich learning environments is critical to achieving 21st century learning standards. ViewSonic can help.From connected devices and projection solutions, to VDI for a Google classroom, we make it easy to connect and collaborate.

Booths: 315

Home Fixed

VirtualSC is a FREE supplemental online learning program that serves students in grades 6-12 in South Carolina. Students can take individual courses with the program and must be sponsored by a public, private or home school and/or Adult Ed Program.

WeVideo Inc.
Booths: 319
Cloud based video creation tool.

Professional Meeting Planning